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The Hidden Steps

March 27th 2014
  • Compared to the majesty of Golden Gate Bridge, a set of steps may not sound like much. But to all those who have stumbled down San Francisco’s industrious 16th Avenue of an afternoon, and found themselves at the foot of the hidden staircase, this inconspicuous attraction has continued to provide an unexpected treat.

    Beginning life as an art installation – inspired by the likes of Rio de Janeiro’s Escadaria Selaron and Italy’s Scala Santa – the project quickly grew into what might be the most outward expression of good neighbourly behaviour on record, with many people from the surrounding community chipping in to ensure its completion. As a tribute to this combined effort, it is possible to see the names of the 200+ sponsors woven into the multi-coloured tapestry that, as you ascend upwards, unveils a vivid journey from sea to sky.

    A mere 163 steps later, you’ll be treated to magnificent views across the city…in addition to a well-earned rest.

Image Credit: _e.t