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Genzano di Roma

July 9th 2014
  • Situated high on a hilltop, less than one hour from the roaring streets of Rome, the red-roofed commune of Genzano di Roma sits peacefully watching over the waters of the magnificent Lake Nemi.

    Within its medieval walls a modern, almost cosmopolitan, vibe persists where a passion for arts and culture is brought to the foreground by the enthusiastic inhabitants. Fortunately for food fiends, the local offerings are to die for; an excursion without sampling the boules of freshly baked wood-fired bread and the succulent wild strawberries is simply not worth taking.

    Plenty of high energy festivals take place throughout the year too, the majority of which aim to celebrate various aspects of the vibrant local scene. The most popular of these, by far, is the ‘Infiorata’ – a flower festival of epic proportions which sees the streets carpeted by thousands upon thousands of multicoloured blooms, carefully handpicked and crafted into mosaics that take the form of faces, landscapes and intricately designed patterns. Originating in the year 1778 and growing in popularity across the country every year since, this floral festivity marks the religious feast of Corpus Christi and culminates in a grand procession witnessed and participated in by the entire neighborhood. An incredible sight to behold, no doubt, but one perhaps best avoided by those suffering with seasonal allergies.

    As aforementioned, the mystic Lake Nemi lies lapping nearby, housing several secrets of its own. Between submerged Roman shipwrecks, artefacts from the once barbaric cult of moon goddess Diana and the ever shifting volcanic sands beneath the surface, this is one body of water you won’t pass off as wet.

Image Credit:  supermiagolator

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