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  • Sitting on Ibiza’s south western seaboard and wrapped in one of the most satisfying sunsets on the Mediterranean, the picture perfect island of Es Vedra has inspired some truly remarkable myths and legends over the years.

    One such legend is one of Ibiza’s oldest fables in which two brothers have to venture onto the island and defeat a giant that stands guards over a most magical samphire. Naturally, the siblings needed this particular samphire to save their father from an incurable illness. The brothers’ ingenuity, along with the assistance of some rather helpful sea urchins, helped them defeat the giant and save both the day and their father.

    The island has undoubtedly captured the imagination of visitors throughout history, with rumours that it is in fact the tip of the sunken civilization of Atlantis or that it is home to a secret UFO base, or that the tip is a navigation beacon or even a gateway to another galaxy. The arts have also owed a lot to this mystical island, and there are some who believe it to be the inspiration for the island of the sirens in the Homer epics.

    Currently no humans inhabit the island, with just a scattering of wild goats and sea birds calling the sea coves home. Es Vedra did however have one resident for a short time in the 1850’s. Following his exile from Barcelona, Friar Francis Palau y Quer reportedly spent a week surviving on nothing but rain water collected from the roof of a small cave. His stay on the island reportedly led to the powerful visions which inspired his book My Relationship with the Church.

    Despite some debate over the island’s mystical past, there is no argument that it is well on its way to becoming a must-see for any modern day visitor to the white isle. The secret of the island’s beauty is slowly getting out and Es Vedra is beginning to make a name for itself as the perfect back drop for any holiday maker in search of a sunset shot or two to fill the newsfeeds of less fortunate Facebook friends left at home.

IMAGE CREDIT: Federico Capoano
October 9th 2015