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February 19th 2014
  • Nestled neatly amongst the Lucanian Dolomites, the tiny medieval village of Castelmezzano has slowly begun to crop up on travellers’ bucket lists the world over.

    The Basilicata commune was once a breeding ground for brigandage and bandits, owing to the abundance of suitable hiding places in its innumerable nooks and crannies, though the townsfolk took to repelling would be marauders by rolling boulders down the steep hill on which the settlement rests.

    Through various other occupations and under the tutelage of Baron rule, the community grew into one of rich historical worth, and evidence of each moment in its development can be found as you wind through the narrow cobbled streets.

    As if to serve as a reminder of the area’s colourful past, access to the village is gained via a rather furtive route; through a tunnel carved right into the rock face.

Image courtesy of Irene Grassi