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The Golden Mouse

55.7000° N, 21.1306° E

  • When it comes to sightseeing hotspots, we’re as guilty as anyone of assuming that bigger must automatically mean better. Fortunately, one of the highlights of the portside Prussian settlement of Klaipeda continues to prove that the best things really can come in small packages.

    Easy to miss – even by those who know where to look – the petite Golden Mouse is deemed by some to be too miniscule to be worthy of their attention. But those who bypass the tiny creature may soon regret not taking note of its finer details; after all, legend has it that this cute little bronze-cut figure has granted more than a few good wishes in his time.

    In order to receive the magical blessing of this modest mammal, one must follow the ‘spell’ inscribed on the brass ring which orbits his pedastal. It reads, simply, ‘Turn your thoughts into words and the words will become miracles.’ You must whisper these words into the awaiting ears of the little fellow and supposedly, the worthiest will come true. Chances are you’ll get bumped to the top of the list if you can whisper your requests in Lithuanian too.

    Gifted to the city by sculptors Plotnikovas and Jurkas, the mouse is just one of many intriguing art pieces located around the Old Town. Perambulating further with eyes peeled will no doubt have you discovering other whimsical wonders such as a frightful black ghost, a cat with the face of a man, and a water-spouting red dragon. Of course, not all can lay claim to miracle-working, so it might be worth checking with a local before attempting to shimmy up a drainpipe to get close to the latter.

    Located only a few hours outside of Vilnius, Lithuania’s unabashedly handsome baroque capital, this west coast town makes a popular stopping place for those keen on exploring the spectacular Curonian Spit – a long and wild stretch of land which acts as bouncer between its own sheltered lagoon and the untamed Baltic Sea. So whether you choose to visit for a fantastical walking tour or an excursion to the country’s outer edges, Klaipeda should remind you that size really doesn’t matter… it’s what you wish for that counts.

September 4th 2015