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High Cup Nick

May 15th 2014
  • Whether approaching from above or below, the majesty that greets those coming across High Cup cannot fail to impress.

    Formed, in that classic way valleys are, through glacial movements in the eons that have gone before, the stream that runs the gamut of this gorge is still fed by naturally occurring springs, though thankfully is no longer full of the icy water it once was. The hewn landscape is an absolute delight for hill-walkers seeking a challenge, and so riddled is the area with natural formations, you’ll be hard pressed to round a corner and not trip over an ancient geological treasure. With names like High Force, Cauldron Snout and Whin Sill surrounding you, you may find it hard to refrain from placing yourself at the epicentre of a Tolkien-esque adventure.

  • On reaching the highest flanks, you are treated to England at both its finest and simplest – an unfussy view of the best the kingdom has to offer; a patchwork of verdant green farmlands studded by dark copses, distant villages centred around needle-like church spires, smoke emanating from redbrick chimneys and undulating hillocks that reach on into an ever-expanding horizon. It is the epitome of everything you’ve ever heard about the English countryside brought to life in a spectacular living postcard.

    All in all, not a bad place to stop for a picnic.

Image credits: ARG_Flickr & Peer Lawther