When it comes to packing for a road trip, everyone has their own particular items that they can’t leave home without.

Yes, we all take the obvious things like our keys, wallet and mobile phone, but there are always those extra, idiosyncratic items we all pack that are unique to us, and there’s always a great story behind them.

From that roll of ‘fixes anything’ duct tape that never leaves your bag (which once enabled some emergency split trouser repair on a trip to Spain), to the nifty bulldog clip that enabled you to hang a hasty emergency curtain in a too-bright hotel room, we all have our own particular Open Road Essentials.

This summer, Enterprise want to celebrate our fans’ own quirky suitcase curios via our #openroadessentials campaign.

It’s a chance for you to show us your favourite travel items, share the stories behind them and be in with a chance to win one of two road trips worth £1000 each!

Want to get involved? Here’s what you need to do:

1. Take a photo of at least one item (although you can include as many as you like!) and upload to either Instagram or Twitter, using the hashtag #openroadessentials.

Try and take your shot in a clean, top-down format like this demo shot below so everyone can see your item(s) clearly.

2. Write a short description about what your item is and exactly what makes it special within your Tweet or Instagram caption.

3. Make sure you’re following us on the platform you choose to enter! We’re @UKenterprise on Twitter and @enterpriseUK on Instagram.

… and that’s it. Every week we’ll be publishing a roundup of our favourites, and we’ll be picking 2 overall winners when the competition closes to win a £1000 road trip each.

Good luck and happy snapping!

Need a little inspiration? Take a look at some of the fantastic entries we’ve received so far.

Terms and Conditions apply. 

This competition is now closed. Thanks for all the entries!