Getting Lost with Byrne Photography

Sean Byrne

Sean is landscape & travel photographer based in Northamptonshire. Follow him on instagram here.


27 September 2016

At Enterprise we’re on a mission to inspire people to head out on weekend adventures and explore the beautiful British countryside. In the search for inspiration we partnered up with the incredibly talented Sean Byrne, giving him a car and sending him out on an adventure to the Peak District in search of new discovery.

You can see just what he captured by heading over to his Instagram account here. On his return we sat down and asked him to share how he got on, below are a few of his highlights. The only question now, where next?

“I was lucky enough to be approached by Enterprise to take one of their vehicles to the Peak District on an adventure to get lost for a few days in that beautiful part of England. Now this is something that comes very easy to me. When I look for locations to photograph, I normally look for a large area that I know of from images I’ve seen from friends or from the Internet. I would set out to these locations for a two or three days and basically get lost whilst driving through using countryside roads. I look for roads that look less travelled.

Clearly safety plays a big part in which roads I take. For instance; will my car get through or up this road. If the weather turns bad after I’ve driven on this road will it be possible to make it back. The last thing you want to do is put yourself in danger or in a compromising situation. That being said, this shouldn’t deter you from not having an adventure and getting lost.

I find that a lot of my best images come from locations that are not well known. Locations transform from different types of light or weather conditions. It’s easy to stick to the main trunk routes, but taking the scenic route can really open your eyes up to some amazing locations which many don’t know about and you can share these with friends and family through your images. I was fortunate to be given a Ford Kuga 4×4 for my adventure to the Peak District. This definitely made it easier to take the road less travelled.

Embarrassingly I’ve never been to the Peak District before and once I was there it made me so ashamed that I’ve waited so long to visit this stunning area of the UK.
With the rich green rolling hills, dramatic rock faces, dams, woodland and typical English style villages and towns, it made this area such a pleasure and ease to photograph. Every corner you turned and hill you went over there was something to photograph.

My 3 days getting lost in the Peak District certainly opened my eyes to how much beauty our country has and makes me very proud to be British.
I will definitely be returning again very SOON!”

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