The World’s Most Beautiful Horse Rides

Masai Mara

 Kenya, Africa

Gallop flat out with a zebra herd or trot along next to giraffes in the Masai Mara. Being on horseback will get you closer to the action than any Jeep safari ever could. Share your camp with the Masai people, stargaze under Africa’s ‘big skies’, tick off the ‘big five’ and more. Most riding trails take you away from the crowded safari tours and take you right into the heart of the migration routes. The thrill of a high speed encounter with sprinting wildebeest or sharing a watering hole with a hippo makes this a must for any wildlife fans.

Image of a savanna and two giraffes in Kenya

The Andes


Considered a right of passage for any self-respecting traveller, Machu Picchu is on almost everyone’s to-do list. But how many intrepid explorers have roamed the valley of the Incas on a horse? Having four legs instead of two definitely makes the lengthy Inca Trail hike more appealing. Trot up into the clouds and, as your horse steadily climbs higher into the Andes, keep an eye out for soaring condors or herds of llamas.

Norwegian Fjords


When it comes to awe-inspiring, jaw dropping scenery Norway has cornered the market in scenic panoramas. Lush, green, high-sided fjords with cascading waterfalls dropping into shimmering vast waterways await you. Better still, the country has its own sturdy Norwegian Fjord horses to gambol through the mountains on. Expect glaciers, high peaks and, if you time it right, the opportunity to see the midnight sun or the Northern Lights.

Image looking down at a fjord and a village in Norway

Snowy Mountains

Southeast Australia

If the scorching heat of Australia’s summer puts you off horse riding, head to the Snowy Mountains. Fans of a hearty brekkie will be relieved to hear there’s no sketchy bush tucker on offer; most rides begin with a campfire breakfast. Calories loaded, it’s time to mount up and explore some of Australia’s most challenging but beautiful terrain. Thousands of wild horses graze on the mountains in the summer months alongside squirrel gliders and wallabies. You may even spot a wombat taking a casual stroll on the slopes!


North Devon, UK

Regularly making the grade on TripAdvisor as one of the best beaches in the world, Putsborough Sands is a breathtaking place to canter away the cobwebs. Popular with surfers, the North Devon winds regularly whip up the white horses out at sea. Trek out across the 3 miles of golden sand which links up with nearby Woolacombe Bay. Catch a few waves by taking your horse for a paddle or take a leisurely hack through the dunes for a beach ride to remember.

View of a sign and a trail in Croyde, Devon, UK



If you’ve been harbouring a secret desire to become a cowboy (or cowgirl) since childhood, Montana is the place for you. Ranches open their doors to riders of all ability, enabling you to explore the open plains or even spend time on an authentic working cattle ranch. Check on herds in faraway fields, drive cattle to new pastures or ride up into the Rocky Mountains. Put on some chaps, saddle up and immerse yourself in cowboy culture. You can even strike it rich by panning for gold in Montana’s creeks. Yeehaw!