The world’s best

Hot Springs

As we Brits know, a dip in the sea this time of year usually means holding your breath, sprinting, muscles tensed and embracing temperatures colder than the back of your freezer. So this spring, instead of waiting for the sun to warm our waters, try taking a plunge into one of the world’s many mineral-rich geothermal pools, which offer spa-like experiences from naturally hot springs all year round. Here are some of the best.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland


Due to its unique geography, sat atop of one of the earth’s hot spots, Iceland is home to dozens of geothermal springs and pools. The most famous of all is the Blue Lagoon, just under 30 miles from Reykjavik, with 9 million liters of deep blue water full of skin-pampering algae and minerals. There’s no better way to appreciate Iceland’s raw beauty than beside a waterfall with a silica mud face pack on.

Blue lagoon, hot springs, Iceland

Edipsos, Greece


Despite being the second largest of the Greek islands, Evia has managed to remain somewhat off the radar and unspoiled by tourism. To the northwest of the island lie the ancient spas of Edipsos, where glistening warm water has poured from rocks into pools and springs for thousands of years, welcoming everybody from the Emperor Hadrian to Aristotle. Modern visitors can still access the springs for free via the beach, or alternatively, plenty of hotels and resorts cater for those looking for a more luxury wellbeing experience. 

Hot springs, Edipsos, Greece

Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado

Once frequented by local miners looking to soak after an intense day’s work, today the charming log cabins and hot springs of Dunton, Colorado are a world renowned tourist attraction. Found deep in the Colorado Rockies, the picturesque resort offers a breathtaking snapshot of the North American outdoors as visitors enjoy the naturally mineral-rich waters.

Ma’In Hot Springs, Jordan

Nestled in the Jordanian hills close to the Dead Sea is the calming desert oasis of Ma’In, renowned since Biblical times for its healing properties. The water here is rich in potassium and magnesium and can reach temperatures of 40 – 60 degrees. The main feature is undoubtedly the majestic waterfall, which sends water gushing into the pools below with unwavering duty. The site is also home to a modern luxury spa resort, complete with a fitness centre and stunning views across the Dead Sea. 

Image courtesy: Rob

Mineral springs and waterfalls in Jordan

Cascate del Mulino, Tuscany

For hot springs which are open to the public all year round, try Tuscany’s Cascate del Mulino. The site has been providing gorgeous views of the rustic Italian countryside from natural pools of warm water since Roman times, and all completely free of charge. A visit during the colder months is recommended – the water still reaches temperatures of up to 37 degrees, and you’ll avoid the crowds.