The Most Wonderful Places To Get Lost

To inspire your next driving adventure we have scouted out the most wonderful places on earth to get lost in. What are you waiting for?

Yellowstone National Park

Montana/Idaho/Wyoming, USA

The world’s first national park, and probably one of the most beautiful. Home to hundreds of waterfalls, canyons, and wildlife species, there are so many things to see. Wander through vast forests, paddle across peaceful lakes and camp under the stars. And seeing the geysers and colourful hot springs is an absolute must.


Scogli, Italy

One of Italy’s best kept secrets is this charming little village in the south of Lerici. Although tiny, Tellaro is full of beautiful things to see. Amble down narrow cobbled streets lined with brightly painted houses, explore the historic centre and colourful harbour, and enjoy views of stunning turquoise sea from a clifftop reminiscent of the Amalfi coast. All without a tourist in sight.

Maracas Beach


Compared to other Caribbean islands, Trinidad isn’t known for its beaches. However it boasts a spectacular strip of sand with Maracas Beach. The mountain route you have to drive down provides plenty of breathtaking scenery to soak up before you even arrive. Once you get there you’ll be greeted by soft white sand, swaying palms and a crescent shaped bay. True paradise.



Marvelling at the glorious Northern Lights is enough to convince anyone to go to Reykjavik, but there’s so much more that can be said about Iceland’s capital city. Offering everything from geothermal beaches to stunning art pieces like the Imagine Peace Tower, you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful time wherever you end up.

Lake Bled


Ever wanted to step into a fairytale? Visiting Bled in Slovenia is about as close as you can get. Gaze across the lake at the iconic church steeple and breathe in fresh alpine air to unwind after a day of mountain trekking or horseback riding around Slovenia’s only island.



There’s plenty to lose yourself in around the ancient Swiss town of Lucerne, with both old and new attractions. Check out the cutting-edge concert hall/art gallery KKL, or visit one of Europe’s oldest bridges if you prefer the historical side.  Glorious panoramic views also await on the top of Pliatus, Lucerne’s very own mountain. Catch a cable car up and have your breath taken away by one of the most legendary places in Switzerland.