Soft serve, spumoni, semifreddo, sorbet… whatever you call ice cream, we know there isn’t one among you who wouldn’t jump at the chance to stuff your face with as much of it as humanly possible. And that’s okay. So join us on cloud nine, as we get the latest scoop on the crème de la crème of ice-creameries around the world.

Trust us, we’ve got this one well and truly licked.

Ice Cream City

 Namja Town, Tokyo, Japan

WARNING: The stalls at Ice Cream City play fast and loose with the flavour rules. Viper? Crab? BBQ Chicken Wings? Garlic and mint? Maybe just the one scoop, thanks. Go for the freaky flavours not available anywhere else in the world and remember to finish on a safe bet of strawberry to reward your taste buds for their bravery.

Ice Cream City signs – Dave Walker


Copenhagen, Denmark

In the midst of the Tivoli Gardens amusement park, Vaffelbageriet has been serving ice creams to tourists for over a century. For ultimate indulgence try the ‘Amerikana’ waffle cone; with a four scoop capacity, plus syrup and meringue toppings, this is not a dessert for small appetites. It might be a good idea to wait a while before hopping on the nearby roller-coasters.

Pancakes and ice cream – Comrade Foot


Honolulu, Hawaii

Order your grass skirt one size larger if you’re planning a trip to Honolulu, if only to make room for Bubbies delicious homemade ice cream mochis. Exotic ice cream flavours (guava, mango, passion fruit and lychee) wrapped in sweet rice are served in bite-sized portions  and are so tempting you’ll definitely be back for seconds, thirds, fourths and more. We probably shouldn’t mention this, but they also make some seriously drool-inducing ice cream cakes.

Mochi ice cream balls – geishabot / Bubbies counter – Chle Gondo

Antico Caffè Spinnato

Palermo, Italy

Feeling peckish in Palermo? Then go big or go home with the unique ice cream sandwiches at the Antico Caffè Spinnato bistro. Unlike other pretenders to the dairy throne, they’ve opted to serve their scoops on freshly baked brioche bread, meaning you’ll have to work fast to get your chops around these treats before all that creamy goodness melts into a messy puddle on your plate. These sumptuous carb-loaded delights are sizable, so you’ll just have to get someone else to hold your selfie-stick while you snack.


Broadstairs, Kent, UK 

Step back in time at the old-school Morelli’s ice cream parlour, located in the heart of Viking Bay, which comes complete with a retro-kitsch diner style setting including its own juke box and soda fountain. Since opening in 1932, Morelli’s has launched numerous stores across the globe, but their Broadstairs outlet is both the original and the best. Try a spoonful of the wildberry, flavoured with fruits from the UK’s abundant hedgerows, for a very British take on the American diner experience…and a true taste of summer.

Morelli’s – say_cheddar


Nice, France

Japan may have gone for extreme flavours, but the gastronomically proud French have hit the sweet spot with their particular kind of frosty experimentation. All the stone-cold classics are on Fenocchio’s menu (it helps when you have 94 flavours on the list) but if you’re game for something totally new, try the beer, cactus or verbena brands. Revel in becoming quite the culinary bon vivant as you join fellow diners enjoying the glorious sunshine and views of Nice Cathedral, as you indulge your sweet tooth.

Fenoccio counter – Paul Wilkinson

Diddy Riese

Westwood, California, USA

The gastronomic gurus at Diddy Riese have been baking scrumptiously chewy cookies for over 30 years, meaning they know a thing or two about making dough. But they, along with their loyal customers, know their creations are best when paired with something seriously cool. Simply put two of their fresh-from-the-oven biscuits around a scoop of one of the premium ice creams on offer and you’re good to go. Early risers (or should that be Riesers?) are rewarded with the absolute best combination of the bunch, in the form of the white chocolate chip and rocky road sandwich. Race you to the front of the line?

Ice cream sandwiches – Tobin

Ed’s Real Scoop

Toronto, Canada 

Ed’s Real Scoop ices are all inspired by his mother’s recipes, and thanks to this inheritance of good old-fashioned home cooking, you’ll get to sample ice cream in its most traditional form. Locally sourced Ontario milk goes into over 100 different flavours, which then make up a variety of sumptuous treats from sundaes, milkshakes, floats, affogatos, gelato and frozen yoghurt (if you’re on a ‘health kick’). Extra time should be factored in on your trip here, just so you can make your mind up. Our tip: Try the seriously fun sounding ice cream pies, with their melt in the mouth mix of honey, butter and biscuit filled crusts. Just don’t even think about counting the calories.

Ed’s ice cream cone – Ed’s Real Scoop


Featured Image – Nick Page

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