Stories of Stranger Things

In the wake of the strange events taking place on our screens, we have discovered that the UK is no exception when it comes to spooky local myths and legends. We’ve found five tales of strange beasts roaming the British Isles, but beware – there are no creature comforts to be found below…

The Gwyllgi


Legend goes that the Gwyllgi, or the ‘Black Dog of Wales’ would stalk lonely travellers as they made their way over the Welsh hills. Whoever heard it’s howl, or was caught in its fiery gaze, would be instantly paralysed. Sightings have been reported near Anglesey in North Wales.

The Owlman


This particular beast is said to live in the area surrounding a church in the Cornish village of Mawnan. The first sighting was made by two schoolchildren in the 1970’s who both spotted a ‘bird man’ hovering above the belltower. When questioned separately by local police, they both drew a picture of the same 6-foot tall owl with human features. Many more sightings have been reported since.

Suffolk Sky

The Black Dog


A demonic black dog is said to have appeared simultaneously at the churches of Holy Trinity in Blythburgh and St Mary’s in Bungay, causing a thunderstorm of monstrous proportions and killing several people. A weathervane in Bungay marketplace commemorates the appearance of the Black Dog, while in Bungay no commemoration was necessary – the scorch marks where the dog appeared can still be seen in St Mary’s Church today.


The Winged Snakes


Reports dating back to the early 1990’s mention strange feathered snakes with wings, flying around the woods of Glamorgan. An elderly woman witnessed the snakes flying over her head, with bright, rainbow-coloured wings.