Jumbled Up Geography: Paris, Texas and Other Puzzling Places

Getting a little lost while exploring abroad is always to be expected, but if you find yourself questioning which continent you’ve ended up on, you might have a slightly bigger problem than first thought. Come with us as we tour the world of topsy-turvy territories and completely out-of place locations.

Paris, Texas

Cheekily dubbing itself ‘The World’s Second Largest Paris‘, this Lamar County town comes complete with its own 70ft high Eiffel Tower, with one truly Texan addition; a giant red cowboy hat sitting atop it.

Penrith, Sydney

There are a few less sweeping mountain sides in this  city suburb than in its Cumbrian counterpart, but what it lacks in rolling hills it makes up for with sporting prowess in the shape of a championship-winning rugby league team.

London, Ontario

This Canadian town has lots in common with the UK capital. Like the fact it is situated on the banks of the River Thames. And is called London. They also have the ‘honour’ of being the town where Justin Bieber was born.

East London, Eastern Cape

Whitechapel might once have been home to ‘Elephant Man’ Joseph Merrick, but they have real elephants in South Africa.

Edinburgh, Indiana

You’ll also find American versions of ‘Auld Reekie’ in Maryland, Ohio, South and North Carolina and Texas. Unfortunately, most batterings here come from tornados rather than the local chippy.

Bombay, New York

Bares so little similarity to its source of inspiration that they haven’t even got round to renaming it Mumbai yet.

Florida, Buenos Aires

You’ll find various ‘Floridas’ throughout the Spanish-speaking world and this barrio in Argentina comes with a direct route to one of the greatest shopping districts in the whole country, which also shares the name.

Washington, Philippines

This is just one of the four ‘Washingtons’ that can be found in the Philippines and was, unsurprisingly, named for the infamous American president. Not to be outdone in the patriotism stakes, the USA has a whopping 41.

Glasgow, Suriname

Located in the Nickerie District in the north of the country, famous for its exports of bananas and rice. Whether those beat Irn Bru and haggis is up to you.

Cardiff, New York

Home to one of the world’s most celebrated hoaxes involving a giant statue and a number of rather gullible residents. We’re assured they’re a lot less dupable these days.


Swansea, Australia

The Welsh poet Dylan Thomas once described his birthplace as a ‘lovely ugly town’. The Tasmanian namesake certainly got the first half right.

Hull, Quebec

The central and most mature part of the city of Gatineau, lying directly across the water from neighbouring Ottawa. We suspect there are a few more French speakers here than in the UK market town.

Las Vegas, Honduras

The only way you could mistake this municipality for the ‘City of Sin’ is if you inadvertently mistook one of its many churches for a drive-thru wedding chapel. And even then, finding an Elvis impersonator could be tricky.

Prague, Oklahoma 

‘Come Czech Us Out!’ reads the welcoming slogan on the town’s official website and with attractions such as the annual Kolache Festival and the ever popular National Shrine Of The Infant Jesus, how could we possibly resist?


Aberdeen, Sierra Leone

A coastal community in the capital of Freetown, with a number of attractive beaches and a fair few upmarket eateries. Probably a little warmer than it’s Scottish namesake.

Lyons, Australia

Named after a settler, rather than the French region (or the wild animal), this small segment of Logan City borders another location doppelganger in the form of the city of Ipswich.

Welwyn, United Kingdom

Absolutely NOT to be confused with Welwyn Garden City under any circumstances, despite the fact that they are only one mile apart.

Colombo, Brazil

Like the Sri Lankan capital, named after the great explorer. Which is odd because he didn’t visit either of them.

Berlin, Vermont

One of the 20+ Berlin’s located in the US, with a shopping centre named (slightly awkwardly) the Berlin Mall, where a flagship Wal-Mart store sits.

Rhyll, Australia

Okay, so this Australian version of our own beloved Victorian fishing village has gained an extra ‘l’, but it’s lost out on a SeaQuariam and Suncentre in the process.