Can you believe it? We’ve been running our #OpenRoadEssentials campaign for an entire month and STILL all these incredible submissions just keep on coming! The contributions from all the entrants, travel bloggers and Instagrammers continue to impress us with their inventiveness and creativity and we cannot wait to see a whole lot more where they came from. In addition, we are now over the moon to be able to announce the first of our two winners, who will receive a road trip worth £1000.
First and foremost, a huge congratulations is in order for the first winner: Ellie Sutch.

Aside from this photo catching our eye in all the right ways, we really loved the quirkiness of Ellie’s assortment of essentials. This picture did a great deal to show off Ellie’s personality and the little stories behind each and every item was the icing on the cake. May she live long and prosper!


Ellie’s entry in her own words.

The pink gnome
I got the idea of taking my pink gnome on road trips from the globe-trotting garden gnome in my favourite movie, Amelie. Mine’s already a well-travelled gnome and will be coming with me on my next road trip.

Some people hate it. Not me. I LOVE Marmite! I eat it every day and I always pack a small jar when I go away, so it’s there in case a major Marmite craving strikes.

The Star Trek mug
I don’t like drinking out of flimsy plastic cups so I kinda got in the habit of just taking my own mug with me (+ my own teabags) whenever I go away. I’m a bit of a Star Trek fan and I especially love this mug as it was a gift from my husband, so it seems illogical to leave it at home!

Star Flux
I love Flux and as a sci-fi fan, this is my favourite version. It’s always unpredictable, often infuriating and loads of fun because the rules change ALL the time. Rain can spoil a day’s plans, but after a game (or three!) of this, no-one will be bothered about the rain.

The USS Enterprise keyring
I wondered if you’d notice that – and you did! It’s got all my keys on – minus car keys, as my husband  always does the driving. It’s an emergency bottle opener too, which can come in handy on a road trip!

And now, back to the action. There’s still another road trip up for grabs and, by the looks of things, the competition’s beginning to get really fierce…

We absolutely adore @eleanorfearnley‘s rose-tinted medley of must-haves. 

@tschang keeps it plain and simple with this six item assortment.  

Take note of these black, white and blue essentials from @jacqvereij if you fancy staying fresh on the road.

We tip our hat to @xantheb who knows that X marks the spot!

We think it’s safe to say that @chaiwalla‘s looking on the bright side with that sunny yellow cap.

Simply put, this entry from @asagiertz rocks.

Click the button in the top right of the image to reveal the story behind the lucky stone. 

And last but by no means least, Cider with Rosie indulges her sweet tooth while still staying practically perfect. Take a look at the story of her essentials right here

For your chance to win a road trip worth £1000, simply follow the steps below…

1. Take a photo of at least one item (although you can include as many as you like!) and upload to either Instagram or Twitter, using the hashtag #openroadessentials.

Try and take your shot in a clean, top-down format like this demo shot below so everyone can see your item(s) clearly.

2. Write a short description about what your item is and exactly what makes it special within your Tweet or Instagram caption.

3. Make sure you’re following us on whichever platform you choose to enter. We’re @UKenterprise on Twitter and @enterpriseUK on Instagram.

Get your entries in before August 8th 2014 to be in with a chance to win. Good luck!