In Search of the Golden Hour


York’s medieval heritage, iconic cobbled streets, charming leaning buildings and Gothic cathedral make it one of the most photogenic cities in the UK.

This month, Enterprise is in pursuit of the Golden Hour – hitting the road and chasing every last bit of the summer sun. We sent Paul Steele to York to find the best places to pull over and capture those stunning sunset pics. Armed with his camera and location tips from his community, here’s what he found.

The River Ouse

The River Ouse flows right through the centre of York, playing host to sunsets that match the best of the city’s attractions. Beyond the city to the north, it’s beautifully quiet and peaceful. You can walk for miles along the banks and if you direct your gaze up stream, you will be facing west – perfect for witnessing those brilliant reflections. Overton, just south of Newton-on-Ouse, is an ideal location to stop for some sunset photos.

Golden sunset over the River Ouse in York

Golden Fields

Being flat, York doesn’t provide many high viewpoints for observing sunsets, but don’t be put off! Its horizontal vistas can be just as visually dramatic. In summer, the fields and countryside surrounding York are set for harvest and the golden sunsets are intensified by the foregrounding of the wheat and corn. Locals can be seen venturing out at dusk to witness this picture-perfect spectacle.

Golden sunset seen through the wheat fields around York

Lendal Bridge

A charming spot in the heart of the city. Standing on the northern side of the bridge in summer, the sun sets perfectly where the river meets the horizon. The reflections in the water can be superb at Golden Hour. The bustling tourists on foot casually passing over the bridge always seem to stop in their tracks at this time, and with good reason. This is one time when you’ll want to follow the crowd.

Sunset over the river as seen from Lendal Bridge

Linton Locks

While the sun might not be ideally positioned for an August sunset, the calm, flat water and the boats in the marina make for a quaint and tranquil sunset scene. Patience and observation is key, and with great foregrounds and silhouettes you can capture some amazing colours and reflections set against this backdrop.

Red sunset on Linton Locks near York

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