End of the January Detox: 7 Worldly #Instafoods to Ditch the Healthy Diet

By the people, for the people: we’ve searched the wilderness of Instagram to bring you 7 of the most diet-ditching dishes from around the world. Feel free to tweet us your submissions here.

1. @norrskenet and her leaning tower of Pisa.

2. @sonyayu and her stars and stripes feast.

3. @gavinkaysen and his Cafe Boulud grilled sardines.

4. @lindsaymaitland and her humongous homemade oreos.

5. @henryburgers and his Southend-on-Sea creation. 

6. @loveandlemons and her Japanese Matcha Donut.

7. @joythebaker and her marshmallow dippers.