Let’s face it; you can count the amount of days worthy of a BBQ in Britain on one hand. But what our small island lacks in weather it makes up for in world class produce. With that in mind, we’ve put together a hot list of the best places to pick up your meats, cheeses, trimmings and beverages straight from the source. What’s the point in throwing a party if you can’t outdo the neighbours?

Banger, wiener, wurst, frankfurter or simply, the sausage – prime staple of the Great British BBQ. Go cheap or frozen and you can kiss your credibility goodbye. Go daring with a spicy number and your sticky fingered four year old will never talk to you again. Luckily, having spent time gathering many intriguing links, we’re in a position to be your gastronomic guardians. So take a seat young student of sizzle and get ready for a real grilling.

We’ll start with the obvious and what is, undoubtedly, Cumbria’s finest export; the Cumberland Sausage. Peter and Christine Gott at Sillfield Farm are widely known to be the Cumberland King and Queen, with the likes of Prince Charles and Jamie Oliver being huge fans but sadly, their farm shop shut a short while ago. Fortunately, they’ve left a lasting legacy.

Michelin starred restaurant L’Enclume procure their sausages from Woodland Free Range Farm, holders of the Guinness World Record for longest continuous sausage, and sellers of a top notch pork and stilton banger for those with more adventurous tastes.

If you like the sound of a sweeter, sage-filled sausage, then Lincolnshire could be a better destination for you. Head to Redhill Farm for an amazing choice of chipolatas, alongside a huge selection of mouth-watering mustards and chutneys.

Probably the most complicated and controversial aspect of a BBQ – the burger is there to be messed with.

Do you go straight up or seasoned? Should you add chilli and herbs?  What kind of breaded bun will have the integrity to withstand the size of your creation? And don’t even get us started on the sauce options!

But if you want to talk burger basics, there’s really only one thing you ever need to consider: the quality of the meat.

Wales is the only places in the UK where you can buy Wagyu (or Kobe) beef – a serious talking point at any epicurean’s party. Ifor Humphreys farms his cows by feeding them real ale, amongst other things, and dishing out the occasional massage to give the meat its signature taste and marbling. Cuts can be bought over at Bodnant Welsh Food.

If you’re after something a little more traditional, Piper’s Farm in Exeter is renowned for its award-winning minced beef, which can be picked up at Powderham Farm Shop on the road to Exmouth.

But what’s that we hear? You want to push the boat out? Try something a little more daring? Sounds like the Ostrich burger might be for you!

High in protein, low in cholesterol, and less than 0.5% fat, this prime patty is for the health enthusiast looking to broaden their horizons. Head to Whitehouse Farm in Moorby (another Lincolnshire locale) where a wide range of meats, including crocodile, kangaroo and wild boar, await you.

Like Hall & Oates, meat and cheese were meant to be together forever.

Turn up at your average cookout and if they don’t have at least one cheese platter, they’re seriously letting the side down. You should probably just turn around and go home in protest.

Cheddar has long been the choice of champions, but Cheddar from Cheddar… now it doesn’t get better than that. Strangely enough, The Cheddar Gorge Company are the only cheese makers left in the small Somerset village, but luckily they’re open from 10am daily.

Let’s talk about halloumi. The ultimate saviour for veggies who have already devoured the hummus and, arguably, better than any meat when chargrilled on a skewer with some lemon basted veg. This sensationally squeaky Cypriot cheese is now being made at the High Weald Dairy in Sussex, who also offer cheese- and cheesecake-making courses for those fascinated with fromage.

For the bolder palate, you’ll want to head straight to Cropwell Bishop Creamery in the stunning Vale of Belvoir. Their triple-gold winning Classic Blue Stilton has been produced by the same family for 160 years and turns your standard quarter pounder into a taste sensation.

You’re a BBQ fanatic, but slabs of meat can’t be expected to do the work all on their own. You’re craving something fresher, something fancier, something with a little more finesse. Enter: the seafood.

The Isle of Man has long been known as the site for sourcing superior British scallops. Their native ‘Manx Queenies’ have been responsibly farmed since 1989 and are protected under the EU’s Designation of Origin, basically meaning they have no added water and are hand processed within 24 hours… getting fresh just got a whole new meaning. The Isle of Man Queenie festival takes places from 27th-29thJune and is indisputably the best opportunity to get your hands on some.

If you can’t drive up during the festival, Paddy’s Fish and Island Seafare, both situated in Douglas, offer these sensational salty treats all year round. Wrap them in some Pancetta (or even some Redhill farm bacon) and your BBQ will be going up a level.

Seeing as it’s surrounded on three sides by sea, Cornwall would seem a likely location to find some real oceanic treats…and you’d be right. Rick Stein recommends Quayside Fish Centre in Porthleven. Voted ‘Britain’s Best Fishmonger’, they only sell line caught fish from day or inshore boats, and offer a huge range of fish – some familiar, some not. They prepare according to requirement, meaning you can successfully steal the show by unveiling a whole fish, such as a Sea Bass or Bream, to your guests without fear of a pesky bone poking them in the throat.

If you’re not one for eyeballs and bones, pick up some meaty monkfish tails. Combine them with some easy to get ingredients, wrap them in foil and voila, you’ve just substituted English suburbia for South East Asia.

Now to the sharers; the communal plates of carb-bursting goodness combined with well-dressed salads that, if forgotten, leave your guests feeling like they’ve gone home without a party bag.

Stroud Farmers’ Market in Gloucestershire is hands down the best spot to get your fill of veg – from bright orange squashes to chunky tomatoes, and absolutely everything you need to create a truly delectable coleslaw. The friendly stallholders are understandably very knowledgeable about their goods, and will happily help you select what you’ll need for an impeccable veggie kebab. Ensure you pick up some corn on the cob, or risk some very disappointed attendees.

Though it has only started to be a staple in the last few years, we’re sure any American readers won’t mind us saying that a great mac and cheese will also go down a treat. Make a beeline for our section above when considering what to add to this dish and for heaven’s sake, do NOT forget to add some wholegrain mustard.

Sauce fiends should head to one of Tiptree’s top notch outlets in Essex and bag themselves some seriously high quality condiments.

While we may not quite be at the level of the French, Italians or Spanish, we certainly do produce some decent wines.

The chalky ground in south-east England is actually very fit for vineyard growing and offers some brilliant wines from the likes of Biddenden, known primarily for their sparkling brand. But Cornwall, once again, has an ace up its sleeve. Head to Knightor Winery near St. Austell, pick up a bottle of their Knightor Madeleine Angevine – a light refreshing white with hints of gooseberry and elderflower that is perfection on a summer’s day – and you won’t be disappointed.

For those seeking something more likely to put hair on their chests, the Thornbridge Brewery in Bakewell will give you what you need.

These guys are real up and comers on the British brewing scene and a crate of their Halcyon beer – with its fantastically fruity aroma and balanced bitter notes – would be our ultimate summer selection. For complete and utter hoppiness, remember to stick it on ice as soon as you get home. There is simply nothing worse than a warm beer on an even warmer day.

For designated drivers and younger guests, head to one of the hundreds of ‘Pick-Your-Own’ farms, located across the UK, and grab a basket load of whatever’s in season. Smoothies always seem to taste ten times better when you’ve picked the fruit yourselves. See the full PYO database here.

Our top recommendation would have to be a classic English strawberries and cream concoction, but it really is a case of ‘anything goes’ (and is a great opportunity for party goers to have a play). Stick your ingredients in the blender with some ice and get whizzing. It might also be enough to make the kids ignore the distant chime of the ice cream van.

So there you have it, all of our summer swooning secrets laid bare. Let us know how you get on, we’d love to see some photos of your journeys and the resulting BBQs! You can tweet us them here.