The 5 Best Wild Camping Sites Around the World

There’s few better ways to get close to nature than spend a night in it. Camping out under the stars, far from civilisation with nothing but the bare essentials brings you as close as you’ll find. Wake up to the first golden light hitting a snowy peak or dappled through forest leaves and smell the freshness on the air. Listen to the waves lap a lonely shore, birds making a morning flight across a lake or just tune in to the silence of the mountains and know you’ve found tranquility.

Yosemite National Park


Camping in the great American outdoors doesn’t get much better than Yosemite. 95% of the national park’s 1914 square miles is designated wilderness. Famous for its ancient sequoias, spectacular waterfalls and the stunning faces of El Capitan and Half Dome it’s an incredible setting to spend a few nights. Just store your food up high, there’s bears in them there woods.

Stunning view of a river, forest and mountains in Yosemite National Park in USA

Huascaran National Park


From Alpamayo, widely considered the most beautiful mountain in the world to the iconic peak of Artesonraju, famous for featuring in the Paramount Pictures logo, the brilliant white peaks of the Huascaran National Park crown the deep green valleys with pyramids of ice. The valley floor provides ample opportunities for camping among the green pampas where hummingbirds zip among the colourful wildflower. Tuck up warm at night as the tropical warmth drops to sub-zero temperatures in the high altitude and listen to the glaciers creak high above.

View of Lake Paron in Huascaran National Park, Peru

Gnaraloo Station

Western Australia

Way out west on the Indian Ocean coast, at the end of a 300km dirt track where the desert meets the sea lies an unspoilt wilderness of long sandy beaches, epic surf breaks and coral reefs. Camp out on the sand and land your catch of king mackerel or thread fin salmon while keeping your eyes peeled for passing whales and turtles.

View of a beach at sunset at Carnarvo in West Australia

Jasper National Park


Far north in the Canadian Rockies the rugged landscape of Jasper National Park is a playground natural wonders. With hot springs, high mountain peaks and hundreds of miles of hiking trails the park has an abundance of perfect wild camping spots. It’s the largest Dark Sky Preserve in the world so the night sky is as unspoilt as anywhere you’ll find and it’s a great place to see the Northern Lights.

View over a lake in Jasper National Park, Canada

Isle of Mull


With 300 miles of coastline and mountains reaching up to 966m, the Isle of Mull off the west coast of Scotland has more than enough space to wander around in. Teeming with wildlife with a thriving otter population, Mull is the best place to spot Britain’s largest bird of prey, the white-tailed sea eagle. With Scotland’s land reform act it’s legal to camp in any unenclosed land. Just be sensible, and with all wild camping, always take away what you bring with you. The bright night sky is completely unspoiled and it’s a great place to see the Northern Lights.

View of a rocky beach at Isle of Mull in Scotland