As an incredibly significant historical and industrial centre, Berlin – like many European cities – will always have its conventional draws. But scratch beneath the surface and you will soon find that a vivacious, creatively-minded capital rich in culture exists at it’s increasingly Bohemian core. Here, seven individual artist’s share their unique views of The Bode Museum and the place they are proud to call home. We think you”ll agree they’re a far cry from what one might expect from the so-called ‘Grey City’.

Stefan Klausewitz

“The Bode-Museum is one of my favourite buildings to paint. The unique building can be rediscovered at any time of the day, from any angle. This acrylic work shows the perspective from Kupfergraben onto the Monbijou Bridge and Monbijou Park. The TV Tower closes the view on the left hand side.”

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Patrick Daniel

“Walking through a city born from variety is a constant journey of discovery. History meets modernism, the bright and colourful meets the grey-covered golden treasures. That’s walking through Berlin, my home town.” 

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Frank Rödel

”Berlin’s cityscape is a large, constantly changing collage. It is a kaleidoscope which creates new aesthetic orders and arrangements in front of the onlooker’s eyes with every movement. The approach of many of my pictures to this theme, therefore, is subject to this very principle.”

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Christin Lutze

Christin Lutze’s goal is to bring together functional, constructive and spiritual moments of art. First and foremost, it is about the surface and space shaping application of colour.

“My fictional architecture and rooms have abstracted and emancipated themselves from their inhabitants, reflecting their own identity.”

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Oliver Shaw

“I chose to make a mono print as, with mono prints, there is no way to know what you are going to get until it’s finished. I love the way mono printing changes the quality of the lines and maybe even more importantly I love the excitement of the final reveal, as the image is drawn in reverse, face down on a plate of ink. For me painting is about fun and excitement which is also why I couldn’t resist adding a tiny touch of colour.”

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Natsuki Otani

“The Bode Museum has gravity to it; I wanted to preserve this solid feel by the choice of charcoal pencil for the building with a vibrant colourful background to represent the exciting city surrounding it, which has been my home since spring and where I work as an illustrator.”

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Maria Gideon

“Berlin is like a lover who’ll unconditionally accept you the way you want to be, entwines you and always sets you free again. A city full of stories, edges, light and dark. Surreal, authentic, inexplicable.”

Maria Gideon collects houses, facades, squares, blank spaces and the superfluous to build the worlds that are assumed to exist between the ‘things’.

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