Think Barcelona and art comes to mind; it’s that simple. From Gaudi’s towering Sagrada Família to Picasso’s very own museum, the city is entangled with it’s inventive history and in doing so has inevitably spawned an imaginative group of artistic residents.  We commissioned some of the best the Catalan city has to offer and asked them to highlight some of city’s standout sights. Below, we showcase their art and stories.

Anna Font

In love with the light and colour of her city, Anna Font has a great admiration for Gaudí, Dalí and Miró, letting them flow freely through her subconscious. Above all expressing the ‘happiness of living’, creating pictorially a state of fantasy and reality is what excites her most.

As she explains, “The Casa Batlló I paint is a memory from my childhood, represented as a fairy tale.”

See this work at Restaurant els 4Gats.

Judas Arrieta

Interdisciplinary artist, Judas Arrieta’s work joins elements of the real and the imaginary with a good dose of lucid components often influenced by comic, cartoon and manga.

See this work at Casa Batlló.

Bianca Yespica

Bianca explains the piece:

“The first time I knew about Casa Batlló it was in two dimensions, when I was starting my architect studies, through plans, photos and teachers. The first time I visited Barcelona was as an architect graduate and it was at that exact moment that I finally discovered the sight of the Casa Batlló in three dimensions.

I remember that I understood in that instant all I had studied. Now from an illustrator’s eyes I see its fourth dimension, the innovation, structure and shapes hidden behind vibrating colours.

Casa Batlló is a unique piece which reunites every discipline, music, photography, painting, sculpture, illustration, nature and of course, architecture.”

See this work at Casa Batlló.

Sagar Fornies

Sagar explains the piece:

“Some years ago I got really interested in drawing those day to day facts; the ones that make a big city like Barcelona evolve.

In this artwork, I strive to express a balance between the building I draw and the people who observe it.

Barcelona architecture is unique in the world, and  El Cuadrado de oro, also known as Mansana de la Discòrdia (Block of Discord) concentrates the most influential architects of modernism. I think more than anything that La Marsana de la Discòrdia represents Barcelona.”

See this work at Casa Batlló.

Jaume Parera

Jaume Parera takes an attentive and unhurried look at the places of childhood and adolescence whilst reconstructing the past he lived in. He has a will and the desire to archive and conserve a landscape with an expiry date, a testimony of our lives and the extreme fragility of the present places.

He takes influence from La Pedrera’s internal structure and the complexity and harmony of the architectonic and ornamental details, inspired in plant motifs.

See the work at Art Hostel.

Fabrizio Contarino

Fabrizio is an Italian visual artist and illustrator. He moved to Barcelona to do his master degree in Artistic research and likes to observe Barcelona’s street, where the passers-by are of huge influence vital importance on the artwork. He enjoys immortalising the places at the present moment  and hyper realistic drawing.

See the work at maumau

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