9 Factory Stores Worth Driving To

Well dressed drivers listen up, it’s time to slip on the old leather gloves and make your way through England and Wales to these unique factory outlets. Whatever your style, you’re bound to come back better dressed and at bargain prices.

Video by New Balance via YouTube

Flimby, Cumbria, UK

Starting at the top of the country make sure you seek out the New Balance shops in Cumbria, though keen collectors say call ahead to check stock if you’re after particularly rare pairs. If you get waterproof trainers you could use them to run across the fields to Uncle Monty’s cottage from Withnail and I which is nearby.

Check out the video above to get a feel for how they maintain such a high level of quality.

Jarrow, North East England, UK

Across the country in Tyne and Wear you can find the Barbour Factory Shop where their classic coat range have been bought for as little as £20. This Jarrow goldmine has all the latest collections and previous seasons at discounted prices. A must for anyone driving to Northumberland or beyond.

West Stockport, England, UK

If you’re driving south and still haven’t had your fill of fashionable footwear make sure you stop off at the UK base of the leading German shoe manufacturer. It will save you the long drive to Herzogenaurauch, Germany almost 1,000 miles away.

L: Matlock, home of John Smedley.

R: A John Smedley jumper in it’s natural habitat

Images via Wikimedia & Chris Allen

Matlock, Derbyshire, UK

The John Smedley Mill Shop in Matlock, Derbyshire has been selling high quality knitwear for 30 years and comes highly recommended by fashionistas and pop stars alike. Their sales are legendary.

Northamptonshire, England, UK

If you need some long lasting airwair boots that have bounced their way through so many of the pivotal scenes of British popular culture then there is no other destination than the Dr Marten’s factory in wonderfully named Cobbs Lane. In fact, there are so many top shoe brands in Northamptonshire that there’s even a guide to all of their factory outlets here. 

No wonder their football team is known as The Cobblers.

Video by The Daily Street via Vimeo.

Norwich, England, UK

Still on the good foot but with your children in mind you might want to motor out to Alan Partridge country and pick up a pair of iconic sensible shoes from a company who’ve been making them since the 18th century. Thankfully fashions have changed over the years.

Suffolk, England, UK

Jump one county but don’t frighten the horses as you make your way to the home of quality country quilting.  Renowned for their equestrian coats and waistcoats Lavenham are a must for anyone spending any significant time in the countryside. You’ll be following in the path of Princess Ann and Prince Andrew – both of whom have driven there to pick up their coats.

Video by Hiut Denim via Vimeo

Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK

Not to be outdone the Prince of Wales has bestowed his Royal Appointment on his favourite sock manufacturer. Like his Royal Highness you can choose from a large selection of yarns, colours, styles and patterns and whilst the Factory outlet doesn’t sell this seasons designs they do have an ample selection of discontinued lines and almost perfect stock at half the high street prices.

Cardigan, Wales, UK

Still in Wales we end with a factory outlet that comes with a fantastic story. Despite the name Cardigan was a denim town until the final factory closed down. Refusing to succumb to despair a couple decided to start their own company and get the town’s denim workforce working again. That’s Huit, go and see them, buy some discounted jeans and they’ll even stick the kettle on for you.

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