Winds of Change: 9 Chilly Travelgrams of America’s Polar Vortex

By the people, for the people: we round up the best Travelgrams of the week. This week we’ve put together our American friend’s experiences of the Polar Vortex.

1. @hullabalou and his sunset silhouette. 

2. @piecesofme and her frozen handful.

3. @rachaelmaytaylor and her Chicago deep freeze.

4. @animal_dijess and her woodland icicles. 

5. @turtlesquinch and her morning nightmare.

6. @sgrella and her Rockaway beach stroll.

7. @wood_house and this cooler than cool window.

8. @gurtmcgraw and his step to the icy edge.

9. @j_showell and her hazy landscape.