8 Locations to Leave Your Lover

“Roses are red
Violets are blue,
I’ve driven you here
Because I don’t love you.”

Whether you know it as Araw ng mga Puso, Saint Valentin or simply Valentine’s Day no one escapes the romantic juggernaut that is February 14th. But for those of you that have lost that loving feeling we’ve put together 8 locations that will say it better than you ever could.


A little known fact: the divorce rate in Split is 100%*

*Unconfirmed data source

Image credit: narano

Czech Republic

It’s funny, because it sounds like turn off.

Image credit: nickboos

Double Ditch, North Dakota

Split up with them, then pretend it was a joke, then split up with them again.

Image credit: afiler

Cheats Road, Taunton

This is the road where all the cheats live. They have a pub, which has a pub quiz every week. Bizarrely, everyone wins.

Loser, Altaussee

If it takes driving him to the place to explain to him what he is, you’ve already made the decision.

Image credit: Wikipedia

Break Up Rock, Ohio

Fleetwood Mac put it perfectly. Drive up with this on the radio and they’ll be happily singing along until they see the destination on the SatNav.

Cape Disappointment, Washington

Even the lighthouse looks disappointed in you.

Image credit: Wikipedia

Shoreditch, East London

Hey, you might have broken up, but at least you can treat yourself to a cocktail in a jam jar.

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 And if you’re still looking for ‘inspiration’ might we suggest a trip to one of these locations:

Dumper’s Lane, Somerset, UK

Single, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan

Crying Lady Rock, Clallam, WA, United States

Finishers Road, Norwich, UK

Badluck Lake, Douglas, MA, United States

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