7 Ways to Avoid the London Tube Strike

Cramped spaces, the smell of wet newspaper and moving at a snail’s pace.  The joy that is a commute in London when there’s a tube strike on. We feel your pain. Next time there’s a travel strike, why not grab a car, head out of London and remind yourself why travelling doesn’t have to be unpleasant?

A view of Cumbria from the window of a train. Definitely beats Holborn roadworks. 

Photo taken by Roland Turner

You could:

Steam over to the Lake District and go back in time by travelling on a classic locomotive. When the tube strike is on, old school 19th century travel is still up and running.

You could:

Pop over to the River Nene in Northamptonshire and paddle your way along the tenth longest river in the UK. If you’re travelling downstream, beyond Peterborough is the endless horizon of The Fens.

The misty waters of Northamptonshire are a million (75) miles from the Piccadilly Line on strike day. 

Photo by heymarchetti

You could be one of these guys… probably one of the guys at the back. 

Photo by Wikipedia

You could:

Pick up a car and head south-west to Thruxton’s outdoor go-kart circuit. We can almost guarantee you’ll end up travelling faster than that bus crawling through central London.

You could:

Take inspiration from popular entertainer Alan Partridge and head to the dry ski slopes of Norwich. England’s flattest county? Think again.

Yes.. yes.. yes.. ye.. NO.. NO.. no no no no. 

Photo by Mrs Gemstone

Avoid risking your life on an overcrowded Holloway Road, go round and round inside a safe building instead.

Photo via copiousfreetime

You could:

Head to a velodrome and display the might of your pedal power. The outdoor track in Welwyn Garden City will satisfy those not put off by inclement weather, while Calshot near Southampton boasts a national standard indoor track.

You could:

Drive west to the Kennet & Avon Canal and enjoy a leisurely stroll along the easy gradients, rolling landscapes and tearooms that pepper the route.

Choose the tea room over limited leg room.

Photo by Neil Turner


Photo via Todd Morris

And finally, you could:

Bring out the inner Z-Boy in you and perfect your ollies at Rampworx in Liverpool. In reality, if you’re more Tony Hart than Tony Hawks, just take a back seat and enjoy the array of riders and boarders doing their thing.

Cover Image: CGPGrey