In Search Of The 7 Deadly Sins

If you’re prone to overindulgence, suffer road wrath on a regular basis, are crippled by uncontrolled wants or have a rapacious desire for more material possessions than you’ll ever know what to do with, then this could be the trip for you.


If you’re into football, Pride is likely to be an easy find. For many years Derby County played at the Baseball Ground before moving to a new build on the edge of the Midlands named Pride Park.  The proud fans of The Rams still call their stadium Pride Park despite recently being re-branded as the Ipro Stadium.

If football’s not your sort of thing, then may we suggest a trip to Steventon, a tiny village near Basingstoke in Hampshire. We’re nominating it, not for the pride the villagers undoubtedly take in their gardens, but because it happens to be the birthplace of Pride & Prejudice novelist Jane Austen, who lived there at the end of the 18th Century. Though the family vicarage she wrote the novel in is long gone, a lime tree was planted in its place to mark the seminal spot and you can still visit the church where Austen’s father worked as a rector.


For Gluttony you simply must head to Adelaide in southern Australia, where every February the Fringe Arts Festival hosts a major month long event of the same name. Much more a feast for the eyes than for the stomach, the roster is fit to burst with a huge assortment of live music, cabaret, comedians, children’s entertainment and visual arts, which all come together to form a sensational sensory overload in the grounds of the gorgeous Rymill Park. Of course, there are plenty of food stalls for the physically hungry to try out too. Find the right sort of people and you could even end up being convinced to run away and join the circus.


Though your mind might wander immediately to the likes of Amsterdam, Hamburg or some other historic fleshpot when thinking of Lust-fulfilling locations, we’ve got some other, slightly less sordid suggestions for those who blush easily. First up, there’s Lustica in Montenegro, a nature packed headland where people head for healthy living and activity holidays rather than anything untoward, and a place guaranteed to satiate wanderlust, if nothing else. But if its mystery you truly crave, simply drive west from Brussels where you’ll find the remnants of a town called Lust, now little more than a strip of land with a few scant traces of the settlement that once was.


Beautiful and wild, the Cape of Wrath in the county of Sutherland in the Scottish Highlands is the perfect place to escape to if you’re having one too many anger management issues and need to let off a little steam. Thankfully, it’s also dead easy to find, owing to the fact it sits on the most North-westerly point of the United Kingdom. No demanding Sat-Navs intent on taking the ‘scenic route’ needed, just point the compass and go. Aside from the stunning surroundings (and varying weather conditions to suit your swinging mood), there’s an MOD training area – handily marked out with bright red flags – and a lot of protected areas of scientific interest…but not enough to get your dander up.


If you can be bothered to get there, there’s this backpackers hostel and B&B in Monteverde, Costa Rica where we’re pretty sure you’ll see some rather lethargic travellers attempting to recover from their last bout of jet lag. Either that, or they’ve been out all night in the jungle, searching for the elusive two and three-toed creatures native to the jungles of the region. Those wanting a sobering dose of something a little closer to home could always try Łazy in Poland.



Back in the day, philosopher Bertrand Russell described Envy as ‘one of the most potent causes of unhappiness‘. Although we’re pretty certain he wasn’t talking about the charming Swiss town located on the picture perfect Nozon River, we can’t be entirely sure. Fortunately, the evidence stacks up against Russell’s accusation, owing to the fact that Switzerland was officially named the ‘Happiest Country on Earth’ in a United Nations Poll in in May 2015. Between a great agricultural trade and a life lived in beautiful alpine scenery, with as much mountain-range-shaped chocolate as you could ever need, we think its probably only outsiders who are the envious ones. Perhaps the reason Envy’s coat of arms has a sword and a key on it suggests they are willing to protect their possessions from anyone with even a glint of green in their eyes.


It’s difficult to think of Greed nowadays without thinking of Wall Street‘s antagonistic Gordon Gecko boldly announcing that ‘Greed is good’. And so, we appropriately end our journey in search of the 7 Deadly Sins in Lower Manhattan and the most powerful financial centre in the world. At eight blocks long, you can easily do the whole street on foot – undoubtedly the best way to fully immerse yourself in the affluent atmosphere, unless you want to order an air conditioned limo to drive you up and down for a bit. If you’re feeling especially greedy, you might even want to have a crack (or just a look) at the Federal Gold Reserve, which lies 80 ft below NYC’s pavements. If all that’s still not enough, doll yourself up in something designer and make your way to the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Those shares won’t sell themselves now, will they?