Got a taste for toffee? A liking for liquorice? A craving for candy floss? Whatever treats tempt your sweet tooth, these old school and off-the-wall confectioners can deliver.

Just don’t tell your dentist.

The Oldest Sweet Shop in England

Pateley Bridge, North Yorkshire, UK

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out the unique selling point of this Guinness World Record owning sweet shop, located in the heart of a charming Yorkshire village. Trading since 1827, the red brick walls are lined with glass jars stuffed full of traditional sweets, perfectly arranged to transport you right back to your childhood. Space dust, Black Jacks, cherry lips, bonbons,  pear drops, humbugs, rhubarb and custards and much more all await hungry eyes and hands. A truly authentic retro gem in the most unexpected of places.


Tokyo, Japan

Step into a world that redefines the idea of sugary perfection in Tokyo’s extraordinary Papabubble. Part science lab, part sweet shop, these experimental artisans hone their craft right in front of onlookers drooling faces, as they blend gaudy colours and delicate designs to create the perfect ‘caramel’. Though the end product may look more like seaside rock than the chewy, golden treat we’re used to, the ‘sushi’ style slices of saccharine goodness with take your taste-buds straight to heaven.

Oldest Sweet Shop in England – Tom Blackwell

Papabubble’s unique sweets – Yusuke Kawasaki


Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA

Every candy-lovers fantasy will soon be realised once they step through the doors of Los Angeles’ extraordinary Sweet! With interactive activities to rival those of Willy Wonka – tasting machines, an ‘invent your own chocolate bar’ lab, individual sweet themed rooms – and over 30,000ft² of wall-to-wall sugar, we’d hazard a guess that there’s something here for even the pickiest of eaters. Of course, it wouldn’t be Hollywood without some superstar appearances, so make sure you get a glimpse of the CANDYLEBRITY portraits depicting famous faces in a range of curated candies.

Roly’s Fudge

Torquay, Devon, UK

The fine people at Roly’s have spent years perfecting the art of handmade fudge, meaning that their closely guarded recipe produces a product so deliciously indulgent, it is simply not possible for a better specimen to exist anywhere in the world. Their crumbly, yet velvety smooth fudge is impeccably balanced on the savoury-sweet scale, so it won’t bring on a toothache immediately after taking the first bite of your stash – happily handed over by the gram in paper bags. With fresh batches made daily, in flavours that range from the ridiculous (Cranberry & Cider, Apple & Mango and Hot Cross Bun) to the sublime (Strawberry & Clotted Cream, Maple & Walnut and Indian Chai), there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t just get in the car and drive in their direction right now.

Le Bonbon au Palais

Paris, France

‘Gay Paree’ is home to unequivocal genius Georges Marques and his collection of what is surely the finest confectionary in France. Feast your eyes (and other appendages) on his wares for a sugar-filled tour of the country’s most deluxe, if sometimes unusual, sweet delicacies; bonbons made with pine honey, candied chili peppers (cooked in 15 different sugar pots) and the superb Les Tridents de Camargue – sweets with a three layers of flavours which emerge in your mouth as you chew. Incroyable indeed.

Sweet! Eminem portrait – Kali Tulett

Roly’s handmade fudge – Roly’s

Happy Pills

Zaragoza, Spain

Though the medicinal benefits of sugar might be questionable, there’s no denying that saccharine treats usually bring a smile to someone’s face. Choosing to take their cue from this highly scientific insight is the pharmaceutically inspired Happy Pills, situated in the gastronomically and historically rich Spanish city of Zaragoza (with other outlets across the country). While it may tread the fine line of taste, you can be sure that after just one of these multicoloured pills passes your lips, you’ll be cured of whatever hang-ups ail you. Choose from blister packs or vials for popping on the go, or opt for a canister to avoid a serious case of crashing energy levels as you explore the stunning surrounding streets.


Graefe area, Kreuzberg, Berlin 

We wonder if the original inventors of liquorice ever had any inkling of the great rift their product would create in society, inciting – as it does – a more fraught battle between lovers and haters than a certain yeast extract could ever hope to achieve. Fortunately for the former of the warring sides, there’s Kadó – an ideal place to retreat to should they need to lick their wounds…among other things. Described by devotees as ‘black treasure’, the liquorice laced products on offer here (ranging from pure root to sugar free) are sourced from only the finest suppliers across the continent. As one of the few sweet treats to have a genuine health benefit (sorry, Happy Pills) in the form of ‘a calming effect on the throat and stomach’, you’d do well to keep a packet handy in case of emergencies. Of course, ‘emergency’ in this instance could actually mean ‘rumbly tummy with a slight hankering for something aniseed-y’. No word yet on whether it counts towards one of your 5 day.

Happy Pills – Alexander Baxevanis

Kadó Window Display – onnola


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