Ahh, love. Ain’t it grand.

What starts as a flutter grows into something so much greater. It’s beautiful, it’s weird, and sometimes it’s really, really messy. Fortunately, there are monuments which act as very literal metaphors for all that so, for whichever stage of romance you’re at, you can head to these marvellous manifestations with your honey and stop flaunting it in front of everyone else. Seriously.

The Lennon Wall 

Prague, Czech Republic

Since the 1980s, this wall in Prague has been covered in both John Lennon and The Beatles related imagery and lyrics. A large mural of the man himself was itself covered by messages of peace and love over a number of years and the wall became an ever changing canvas for visitors the world over to lend their artistic expression to. In 2014, the wall was painted completely white by art students, leaving just the message ‘Wall is Over’ in tribute to one of Lennon’s most famous works But true love prevailed and the wall was once again plastered in bold paintings and inspiring messages in just a couple of days.