True or False? 15 Travel ‘Facts’ to Make You Think Twice

We’ve collected 15 ‘facts’ from around the world but only half of them are true, can you guess which? Tweet us your answers here!

1. There’s a shop in York that exclusively sells cat dairy products, including cat milk and cat cheese.

2. The Eiffel Tower was originally built as a giant transmitter to communicate with a planned-but-never-realised French moon colony.

3. Russia is bigger than Pluto.

4. The first person to ever take a road trip did so illegally after stealing her husband’s automobile prototype.

5. Greenland aren’t allowed to join FIFA because they don’t have enough grass.

6. Contrary to popular opinion, Liverpool’s nickname ‘The Capital of Pop’ has nothing to do with its musical history. It is actually the largest producer of lemonade (and the second largest of ginger beer) in the world.

7. The croissant was invented in Australia.

8. San Antonio, Texas has a law stating no cow can ever own his own house.

9. Take your child to work day has been banned in one Hong Kong office, due to the fact that a 7 year old once successfully shut the building down for 3 hours.

10. Paris was nicknamed the “City of Light”. Light actually refers to the number of intellectuals who lived there.

11. Rosario-Victoria Bridge in Argentina is the only drivable bridge that offers drivers free petrol before crossing.

12. The postal code for the North Pole is H0H 0H0.

13. Falkand Islands has 350 sheep for every person.

14. Spaniards own more cars than mobile phones.

15. The coins thrown into the Trevi fountain in Italy are collected for a local homeless charity.

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