Whether you want to run in slow-mo along the Chariots of Fire beach or make out like 007 in the Austrian Alps, here’s where you can relive cinema’s most celebrated moments.

Sölden, Austria
James Bond: Spectre

Beat Bond to the best table with a view. This summer will see Daniel Craig visit the Ice Q Restaurant. Why not get there first – in Sam Mendes’s forthcoming Spectre, it doubles as a top-secret clinic. The rest of us, however, will just have to settle for the sort of high altitude fun you can be sure 007 would enjoy.

Agadir, Morocco
Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

Drive – albeit rather more sedately – down the same roads as Tom Cruise will in the forthcoming Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation – of course, what with the speed at which ace agent Ethan Hunt travels in the M:I, you’ll have a far better chance of savouring those spectacular views of North Africa.

Image by libargutxi

West Sands Beach, St Andrews
Chariots of Fire

 Run in slow motion along the Chariots of Fire beach – the scene might be set in Broadstairs, Kent, but director Hugh Hudson only found what he was looking for north of the border. Because of this, those bent on following in Ben Cross’s footsteps should be sure to don a wetsuit.

Image by Edward Simpson

Central Park, New York City
Marathon Man

Take in Dustin Hoffman’s preferred jogging route from Marathon Man – Is it safe? Yes, Central Park’s incredibly safe in these post-Giuliani times. As for The Reservoir, it’s a great place to exercise, affording as it does views of countless other NYC sights that have been celebrated on the silver screen.

Image by Gino

Stoke Park Golf Club, Buckinghamshire
James Bond: Goldfinger

Play a round with (or more probably without) Auric Goldfinger, a la Sean Connery – with visitor rates starting at a very reasonable £85, you’ll find a warm welcome. And who knows – come accompanied by a burly, behatted Korean caddy and they might let you play a round for free.

Image by Wikipedia

Barstow, California
Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas 

Take a spin through the self-same ‘Bat Country’ Johnny Depp explored in Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas – to those Americans who drive through it regularly, the Mojave Desert’s a drag, but if you’re British and the most sand you’ve ever seen was at Blackpool, it’ll take your breath away. Just don’t go all ‘Hunter S’ on us.

Image by Erik Söderström

Beachy Head, East Sussex

Drive your scooter along the cliff side just like Jimmy in Quadrophenia – not a place for the vertiginous, Beachy Head inspires awe in more than just Mods. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, no, Jimmy doesn’t go over the cliff – the film’s opening is in actual fact it’s ending.

National Bowling Stadium, Reno, Nevada

Kingpin fans – why not try donning Bill Murray’s bowling shoes? If ten-pin bowling has a spiritual home, Reno is it. As for the stunning National Stadium, it’ll forever banish memories of the smelly shoes and surly staff that can sometimes be a part of the British bowling ‘experience’.

Bodega, California
The Birds

Follow in the footsteps of Rod Taylor and Tippi Hedren and check out The Birds at Bodega Bay, a recommended stop on a beautiful route travelling North along the coast from San Francisco. Naturally, we hope you’ll emerge from the visit rather less gull-pecked than Hitchcock’s leading man and lady. That said, if you’re feeling brave, half a loaf will go down very well with the gulls – of which there are many.

Image by Elaine with Grey Cats

Carnforth, Lancashire
Brief Encounter

Bid farewell to a loved one at the Brief Encounter station – David Lean’s never-bettered tale of thwarted love set in the Southern suburbs of England. Stand on the platforms at Carnforth on a bleak winter’s day and you’ll agree it’s the perfect place to study the difficulties of cultivating love in a cold climate.

Teide National Park, Tenerife, Canary Islands
One Million Years B.C.

Don a fur bikini a la Raquel Welch in One Million Years B.C. – with its black sands and volcanic formations, Tenerife’s the perfect place to set a movie about prehistoric man. Close your eyes and imagine being menaced by one of Ray Harryhausen’s awesome creations.

Image by Peter & Michelle S

Katz Deli, New York
When Harry Met Sally…

Have what Meg Ryan was having in When Harry Met Sally… yes, the table bares a special plaque. Yes, the place is inundated with people re-enacting a scene that isn’t best suited to a family restaurant. And yes, Meg Ryan hasn’t been as good in anything since. And nor has Billy Crystal either.

Image by Gino

Westward Beach, California
Planet Of The Apes

Recreate the end of the original Planet Of The Apes – so what if the Statue Of Liberty was nothing but a mere matte painting; settings really don’t come more spectacular. However, your visit will be incomplete if you don’t end up pounding the sand and screaming, “You maniacsl You blew it up!”