7 of The World’s Most Unique Bars

Why go to your local when you could seek out the distant and different?

Everybody likes a party, and when you’re travelling there’s nothing like than finding somewhere weird and wonderful to take that party. We scoured the Earth to find this selection of some of the strangest, coolest and definitely most unique bars and clubs the planet has to offer the party hungry traveller.

Red Sea Star
Eilat, Israel

Tucked beneath the surface of the Red Sea by the resort town of Eilat, The Red Sea Star sits on the bottom of the coral covered sea floor surrounded by crystal clear waters teeming with colourful fish. The sandy floor and oceanic design provide guests with a truly aquatic drinking experience.


Image courtesy: dc.be

Aifur Krog & Bar

Stockholm, Sweden

Found in the old town of the Swedish capital, this pub and restaurant is decked out with all the trappings of a Viking hall. Sit among the ornately carved benches and tables, check out the shields that decorate the walls and feast upon mead laced dishes big enough to satisfy the burliest berserker. Get ready to party till Ragnarök.


Guacara Taina – San Domingo

Dominican Republic

With a street level entrance this nightclub soon opens out into a vast cave 15m below ground. Holding around 2,000 people it’s the host of some of the best dance parties in the Dominican Republic. The huge space has been turned from millions of years of geological formation into a thriving dance floor dripping with stalactites with natural alcoves to escape the crowds.

Northern lights bar


Part of the luxury ION Hotel one hour from Reykjavik, this venue is built with a viewing area designed to get the optimal Northern Lights experience. Take a seat and sip your drinks while the sky explodes with dancing colours.


Northernlights over a lake in Iceland

Sunland Baobab Pub

Limpopo Province, South Africa


Being the smallest bar on the list this unique pub can only accommodate 15 people at a time. That’s because it’s in a tree. A 6,000 year-old baobab tree to be precise. The hollow centre of this huge old tree has provides a cosy space for a pub. Located on the Sunland Farm north of Port Elizabeth, the pub itself was installed in the 1990’s but carbon testing has found evidence of fires in the hollow going as far back as 400 years.


Ice Camp

Kitzsteinhorn, Austria

Located 2,600m up on the snowy slopes of the spectacular Kitzsteinhorn Mountain in the Austrian Alps, the Ice Camp is made up of three interconnecting igloos made entirely of snow and ice. The wide internal chambers provide plenty of room to relax between adventures on the slopes in a bar where the drinks are most definitely always served cold.


View over a skii slope in Kitzsteinhorn, Austria

H.R. Giger Bar

Chur, Switzerland

This macabre looking bar could easily be mistaken for the deck of an ancient alien space craft. Designed by the man himself, it’s located in the home town of H.R. Giger, the artist and creator of one of Hollywood’s most iconic extra-terrestrial monsters. The organic design looks just as good as any bit of set from a Ridley Scott classic.