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Follow in the footsteps of the gods as you wind your way out of Athens and along ancient Roman roads in search of myths and legends…

3 miles 12 minutes

Kaisariani Monastery

According to several historical sources, the monastery was built on the remains of a Roman sanctuary in the 11th century AD, at the foot of Mount Hymettos. The interior of the church is adorned with murals of the 16th and 17th centuries which demonstrate the Cretan painting style and feature incredibly detailed depictions of religious iconography.

Remember to dress appropriately when visiting this sacred place – shorts, miniskirts, and sleeveless or see-through shirts are considered disrespectful.


3 miles


12 minutes

12 miles 25 minutes

Lake Vouliagmeni

Stretch your legs and dip your toes in the healing mineral springs of Lake Vouliagmeni where, in the centre of its deliciously blue waters, a rare geophysical formation can be found.

Once a large cavern – that collapsed in on itself following an earthquake – the rocky roof can clearly be distinguished from the rest of the cliff face from a short distance away.


12 miles


25 minutes

15 miles 30 minutes


The legendary site of Eleusis is home to one of the most famous secret religious rites in Ancient Greece, where cult members came together to initiate themselves in the hopes of gaining rewards in the afterlife.

The town, Elefsina, is now a major economic and business hub and was also the birthplace of Aeschylus, the ‘father of tragedy’, whose works are still performed on stage to this day.


15 miles


30 minutes

43 miles 1 hour

Temple of Poseidon

Watch the sun go down from the top of this enduring symbol of a time gone by and admire the incredible views offered to you by the ever beautiful Aegean Sea. Completed in 440BC, it is a wonder that any columns still remain standing, and those with a keen eye may wish to look closer to see if they can find the name of Lord Byron etched into the base of one of the pillars.

Explore the rest of Cape Sounion for a true taste of the ancient and indulge in some genuine Grecian cuisine to top the day off. You may even want to lift a glass to the gods to ensure you continue on your journey around the dramatic Attican peninsula without worry.



43 miles


1 hour

110 miles 2 hours 30 minutes


Back in 1400 BC, Delphi was the most important and mysterious shrine in all of Greece. It was considered to be the centre of the world and the navel of Gaia (the Mother of the Earth) whom birthed all from universes to titans to gods. People would travel for countless miles on pilgrimages here in order to get their questions about the future answered by Pythia, the priestess of Apollo.

Though already popular, the town attracted more attention when it hosted its own games, in a similar vein to those which had taken place around the Olympia. Modern Delphi continues to draw the numbers, with tourists enjoying its close proximity to the coast, as well as its obvious archaeological highlights.


110 miles


2 hours 30 minutes