Driving Futures

With the world’s largest fleet of passenger vehicles on the road, our opportunity to help shape the sustainable future is only rivaled by our deeply ingrained commitment to the communities we serve.

The Big Picture

At Enterprise Holdings, sustainability is more than just a popular business term. It’s an integrated way of working in every department that’s rooted in the vision established by our founder more than 55 years ago. From the start, we have believed that by embracing, promoting and practicing sustainability, we benefit more than the environment. It’s good for our people, our customers and our business as well.

Getting Deep in Alternative Fuels

Together with the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center in St. Louis, we’re committed to helping scientists research and develop next-generation biofuels that will reduce environmental impact and our dependence on foreign sources.

tree pledge

50 Million Tree Pledge

Because we live and work in cities and towns across the world, we’re dedicated to making a positive impact for today’s generation, and the generations to come. In 2006 we promised to plant 50 million trees in national forests throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe by 2056. This year, we’re on track to reach 8 million.

2012: A year of partnerships, research and progress

The Chairman’s Task Force, led by Lee Broughton, head of Corporate Sustainability, guides our sustainability efforts by continually growing our partnerships and our practices, so that we may continue to expand our sustainability initiatives.